Hey! Welcome to my little corner of the world :)

I don’t often lay on the lawn in a white dress laughing, but this day I did because of a stiff rum and coke before the photoshoot to calm my nerves.

I’m here to inspire, empower and entertain you :)

My life has been a bumpy one, but I’m determined to use my difficult life lessons to not only become the best version of myself but to empower you as well.

I don’t want you to feel alone, as I did most of my life.

I want you to get lost in my words, relate to my stories and know on a fundamental level; we’re all the same. No matter where we live, what colour we are or what we’ve been through in our lives.

Along the way, my biggest hope is to instill lasting change in you.

Writing my truth is challenging but healing in a way that’s tough to describe. The more vulnerable I am, the lighter and more joyful I become.

In this, I learned the importance of forgiving my abuser.

Once the words are written, I’m graced with a new perspective.

I can see where I went wrong, forgive myself for the mistakes I made along the way, and take one more step forward to a happier, healthier me.

The Nitty Gritty Stuff

I’m Canadian, eh!

I’ve been working since I was fifteen but spent most of my career in the corporate world as a cubicle slave. I did eventually, work my way to the corner office of a Fortune 500 company, with a staff of 22 and a fat paycheck, but the stress wasn’t worth it.

The economic crash in 2008 proved to be a pivotal time in my life. Many material things were lost, but in hindsight, much more was gained.

Getting laid off at age 48 started a surge of soul searching. It led to a deeper dive into my entrepreneurial spirit — a side of me that laid dormant due to a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence.

I found the Network Marketing industry a great alternative to the 9 to 5 grind and spent seven years honing a new skill set and travelling.

The side-effects of working with all those new like-minded people were again life-changing and positive.

I knew I was on the right path.

A new mentor pointed me towards God, which led to writing a memoir. It’s about my repressed ten-year marriage to an abuser in a story format. The process was cathartic, and I emerged as a better version of myself.

The experience of self-publishing led me here to Medium, where I’ve found my true passion.

Unfortunately, a second marriage to a cop went wrong after nearly 20 years because he couldn’t keep his zipper zipped.

My father’s death opened my eyes further to how fragile our lives are.

I sometimes wonder if the tough stuff I endured early in life was preparation for the second half of my journey.

I’m sure my real purpose is to help you along with yours, and my pen is merely the tool to make it happen.

The Wrap Up

Now I can work from home, build my freelance writing business and continue to heal. I’m driven by the need to do good things and pay what I’ve learned forward with Gratitude.

By December 2021, my publication had taken on a life of its own and was so busy I couldn’t keep up. I was tormented and torn between my responsibility to my writers/editors and my desire to stop editing and get back to my writing.

Burnout soon followed, so as of Dec 2021, Boomerangs has been put on pause until further notice. During my one-month hiatus, I gained some much-needed clarity and decided on a better way to serve my community of writers.

I started a new personal (no submissions) publication dedicated to Medium writers of all levels, where I share everything I can from my 3 years of experience on the platform. My mission is to save you time and frustration by shortening your learning curve with informative articles, quick tips, challenges and snackable courses based on first-hand experience. Consider me your free mentor!

This adventure allows me time to write and express myself, while still helping fellow writers on the platform. It’s only a couple of weeks old, but on this cold and snowy day my follower base is growing and there are many happy comments cheering me on!

Join our growing community, to gain the Advantage, as well! When you subscribe to my monthly newsletter, I’ll send you a free “before you hit publish” checklist so you can gain “the Advantage” immediately!

Writing a Bio is Uncomfortable for Most

But I did it anyway to give my followers a better sense of who I am as a person, an author and why I write what I write.

I found my passion and voice late in life, but it won’t stop me from taking this seriously and building my business one step at a time.

I didn’t write about my life to vent or complain, but for its healing power and to continue working on being the best version of Liz.

I write to connect, inspire, empower and entertain.

Follow along, and let’s see where our journeys take us!

Paying it forward with Gratitude, Liz

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